Launch of my new company/website: Tribalism

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Hi there, Just a quick note to update on my new business venture: Tribalism ( Tribalism is a digital marketing and analytics agency that focuses on using real data to justify its methods. Everything is transparent, every decision is independent – and me and my team are experts in this field. We know the tools, we know the pitfalls, we … Read More

Restoring my bro’s artwork

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I’ve had this project for a while now. Most people who know me, know my bro passed away from Leukemia a number of years ago… well – since then – one of his artworks had been sitting at the top of my cupboards gathering dust. It had been damaged and torn and was in need of a lot of remedial … Read More

Custom Funnels in Google Analytics Premium

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One of the coolest functions available to google analytics premium users are custom funnels. Although still a beta feature, Custom Funnels are most definitely functional, useable and most importantly useful! So what makes Custom funnels different from normal goal funnels in Google Analytics? Regular goals funnels in Google Analytics (GA) are based around pages/destinations. They are set up in the Admin>Views>Goals … Read More

Google Analytics Maximum Account Limit

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Google Analytics Account Limit

Google Analytics Maximum Account Limit: The maximum number of accounts that a user/email address can be connected to is 100. Unless the user has Google Analytics Premium agreement with Google, in which case they can link to 1000 google analytics accounts. If you come across the maximum limit error above –  you can no longer associate this user with further … Read More

Web Scraping using R: Reality TV Ratings

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Well, Im a fan  of IMDB. Its such a rich source of potential data, from user ratings, episodes, user reviews etc. I came across some awesome R code from this nice blog site Stat of Mind here, which scraped IMDB user ratings and tried to explore their relationship with actual show ratings. From there I added my own code to graph … Read More