Im a maths grad who started off in the finance industry and then moved across to web analytics and digital marketing. Extremely stoked I made the move – because I am working in an industry that totally fascinates me. Or more correctly – the internet totally fascinates me. We all use it everyday, every minute of every day. Its amazing that whole lives and indeed whole mega companies such as Google and Facebook – can be boiled down to a huge collection of 1s and 0s…

So now I study how people use the internet. In particular how to market to people online, how to get them to your sites and how to get them to buy your products once they are there.

Outside of that I love surfing (badly), all sports – and my two favourite TV shows are Survivor (yes even the aussie version!) and Game of Thrones.

Currently I am the Analytics Director for a full service digital media agency called Match Media, part of the Publicis Group.

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