Google Analytics Maximum Account Limit

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Google Analytics Account Limit

Google Analytics Maximum Accounts

Google Analytics Maximum Account Limit: The maximum number of accounts that a user/email address can be connected to is 100. Unless the user has Google Analytics Premium agreement with Google, in which case they can link to 1000 google analytics accounts.

If you come across the maximum limit error above –  you can no longer associate this user with further google analytics accounts. Generally this is a problem for agencies that manage many client accounts.

The actual error text is: Unable to add user to account. The user has reached their maximum number of Analytics accounts. You will encoounter this when in the admin section of google anlaytics and are trying to add an account in the user management section that is already over the limit.

These links discuss the issue further:


Google Product Forums:!topic/analytics/nfe5jMQMyiA

Google Analytics Account Limit – Workarounds

In order to get around this you can take the following approaches:

  1. Review the accounts you are already associated with and consider deleting some of these if they are no longer needed.
  2. Consider setting up a new user/email to add further accounts to. If you have a client/company with multiple GA accounts you could consider moving all of these to their own user/email
  3. Negotiate with Google. If you manage a number of Google Analytics Premium accounts, they may increase your limit if you ask nicely.

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