Restoring my bro’s artwork

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I’ve had this project for a while now. Most people who know me, know my bro passed away from Leukemia a number of years ago… well – since then – one of his artworks had been sitting at the top of my cupboards gathering dust. It had been damaged and torn and was in need of a lot of remedial work. So I got in contact with RSM Art Conservation who are based in Brisbane. They agreed to repair the artwork by fixing the tear, cleaning the old paper and adhering a much more solid backing to what was originally a very fragile 2 sheets of art paper.

It would have been nice to find a conservator closer to home however these guys where all I could find online. So I rolled the artwork up as carefully as I could and posted it off to Brisbane to be repaired. It actually took quite a long time for the restoration to be complete, approximately 1.5 months.

Finally when it was complete, the artwork was carefully packed and couriered back to Sydney. Everyone at work was left scratching their heads when a very large artwork turned up at our office one day They didn’t know what it was and no one really saw me as the art collecting type. But it was all good – I brought it home had a custom frame made for it… and today I can proudly present the results!

The Final Results

Garvs Artwork Framed

Just in time for the Garv’s anniversary on August 29th. It’s very satisfying to see the final product and I think it looks really good. I still don’t know what it actually is.. I used to think it was a wave because Garv was an avid Surfer. But maybe it was just his blanket crumpled up and lying on the bed – who knows?

What do you think it is? 🙂

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  1. Beautiful. A lovely tribute to your brother Garvin, taken too soon. Lots of love from your cousin Deborah.

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